About us

About us

BPER Bank Luxembourg S.A. was established in February 1996 and it is a fully licensed bank and a wholly owned subsidiary of BPER Banca Spa, Modena (Italy), one of the most prominent banking groups in Italy.


BPER: Bank Luxembourg is authorised by the Luxembourg Minister for Finance and offers a range of banking, investment and broader wealth management services in Luxembourg.

It also offer other services such as treasury management, securities trading, risk management and administrative services.


BPER: Bank Luxembourg has a share capital of EUR. 30.667.500 and it is supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”) under the banking license no. B00000298.



STOCK PERFORMANCE BPER Banca : https://istituzionale.bper.it/en/investor-relations/stock-performance-bper-banca